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Resin Bound County Kildare

Resin Driveways in Kildare, Ireland

Resin bound in County Kildare makes an outstanding choice for design and durability on any driveway or patio in County Kildare. Here at Kildare Driveways, our skilled contractors can put down resin bound on driveways and build resin bonded patios.

We are experts at designing and installing resin bound driveways for County Kildare, ranging from standard resin surfaces to inserting custom tailored patterns and a range of resin chip finishes for driveways and patios.

Resin bound has been around for many years but the prices have only became more affordable over the last couple of years. Previously, it was reserved for the high end market but with mass production, the main ingredients for resin driveways, UV resin bond, chips and resin catalyst all becoming cheaper, it is now available for anyone on a budget.

The smooth finish of a resin bound area makes it compatible for use with driveways and patios, as well as wheelchairs and prams on public pathways. There are not a lot of maintenance requirements with resin bound driveways so it’s relatively easy to keep it clean and looking its best.

Once installed, the resin bound specification is a durable and hard-wearing option which is highly resistant against damage from all types of traffic. We provide other types of chip and stone finishing choices for driveways including Tar and Chip Driveways In County Kildare and Gravel Driveways In County Kildare

On new driveways or patios, we will install the resin on top of a new surface of concrete or tarmac. However, if you already have an old tarmac or concrete base, we can apply the resin on top of that surface which can save you significant costs.

Resin bound driveways in County Kildare due its benefits, are now a much more popular option for both New Driveways County Kildare and Patios In County Kildare. It is more expensive than some other driveway surfacing choices but its outstanding finish and durability make it a great long term option.

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