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Gravel Driveways County Kildare

Gravel Driveways in Kildare

KDP Driveways provide an unbeatable service on installing gravel driveways in County Kildare. Affordable choice for replacing an older driveway, putting in a new driveway or using it on a large private road.

Gravel or as commonly referred to as a stone or aggregate driveway, can make a wonderful entrance to your home. Along with a tar and chip driveway, it provides the best option for those on a lower budget for a driveway when compared to other options whilst still delivering a beautiful and serviceable driveway to any home.

Gravel and decorative aggregate stone are often used on larger areas where the cost of Block Paving In County Kildare or Tarmac Driveways In County Kildare would be significantly more. On larger driveway areas, the price difference between gravel and other surfaces can be significant.

At the entrance to your home, you can create a paved apron which can be used to stop the gravel from being dragged into the house. We often install paved aprons to the entrance of a gravel driveway to give it a welcome and inviting look. Make sure to check out our gallery to get some more ideas for your own gravel driveway.

Once the base is prepared, we will put in any edging, patterns, borders or aprons at this stage. This will be benched in concrete as its main primary function is to help contain the gravel to stop it spreading out.

We would then put down a heavy membrane sheeting which will allow water to drain through and keep the base separate from the gravel finish. A more durable form for a chip finish is available, learn more about Resin Bound In County Kildare and how it differs from gravel.

The final stage we would put down the gravel driveway, raking it out to make sure its spread and leveled evenly across the driveway. Normally 1 to 2 inches is adequate but can vary depending on the size of the gravel you have chosen. We would recommend 20mm gravel for a driveway as its easy for cars to move through it without becoming difficult to walk on by foot.

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